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In the last years there is a pessimistic trend in which everyone blames the other for everything without suggesting any solutions. On the other hand, different cultures and ways of living can be presented in a way to move the audience to think positive. Not for suggesting these cultures as solutions but for making people understand that there is more than one way to live and there are people who have chosen to do things differently.

Since mankind has existed, depending on the environment, location, geography, the needs and the civilization, populations have adjusted their way of living and this way is always changing according to new essentials. In this manner, during the last few years communities have been formed which try to combine tradition with new technologies, rural and urban cultures to a more sustainable way of living both ecologically and socially.

Such a place was started in 1997 near Cardiff called Coed Hills Rural Artspace where we will travel through the flexibility of a small format camera and the terseness that black and white pictures offer.

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