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Mankind is a sociable species. Since man exist he form and live in communities. The process of learning to relate to and interact with others has been described like socialization.  Also, socialization can be called the process of adopting the behaviour patterns of the surrounding culture, the act of meeting for social purposes or the act of participating in social activities. This process is not always successful and how close someone will come with other people vary individually for many and different reasons.

There are always borders people don't wish to cross. These borders can be placed from ourselves, from the others or more generally from the culture. This doesn’t mean that people can’t cross them, or that we had never done it, but at sure we avoid doing so. Consequently, the understanding about those surrounding us is limited from these borders. This can be described quite successfully with a blurred view, where we can see, but not in detail.

In this manner, I have decided to blur the pictures in which more than one person appears. The project has been shot in pubs, which are the first place British use to socialize and deals with the fact that we are socializing in an antisocial way.

© Anastasios Ktistis 2009