Three years ago, I relocated myself from my homeland to move to Wales to study. Now, I have finished my studies and I will relocate myself back home again. The very idea of moving, always seems more exciting than what you eventually find there. Nevertheless, after spending some time in a new place, you get connected with it; and  the next relocation, despite its promises, carries an amount of sadness.

I have strived to capture my personal essence of Wales. I am an outsider to this place, but at the same time, I am connected to it through the experiences I have had here. The trivial becomes unfamiliar and the unfamiliar might conjure warm memories.  The strong connection I hold with nature  drew me into this semi-natural environment, where I would go to escape from my everyday anxiety. The outcome of this process is a selection of landscape photographs, presenting a very subjective topography of this area which also portrays strong evidence of my feelings and character.

© Anastasios Ktistis 2010